ASTM Fuel & Oil Testing

Clients who are not sure they need to replace or clean their fuel because of costs or age of fuel. This is a good time to lab test the oil. Our services and testing expertise is to ASTM, MIL and numerous other industry standards. You get results by email in 72 hours.

Fuel samples are taken on site. Depending on the extent of the required information, samples are forwarded to our laboratory, FOI Laboratories  for analysis. Results are available within a 72 hour turn-around.

(The University of Idaho conducted tests on the life expectancy of fuels to determine the time line on degradation of stored #2 diesel fuel. The results indicated 26% degradation after 28 days of storage.)

It's a good idea to perform routine testing to determine whether to clean the fuel. All stored fuel should be tested annually at a minimum. Basic tests should be run 6 months thereafter.