Fuel Injector Cleaning Service comming soon.

1/15/2015 Fuel Injector Cleaning Service is will be added to our list of quality services provided in the near future. We are are in the process of developing this service and hope to roll it out this spring. We will be targeting the marine segment and will be servicing all major brands of Marine gas powered  systems, as well as power sports machines, motorcycles, outboards, as well as most all automotive needs. Although our primary objective is to serve the marine industry. microcleanfuelinjectorservice.com

Mobile Marine Fuel Polishing

Clean filter on left. Filter on right shows contaminated residues from The most common reason for marine diesel engines to fail to run is associated with "bad diesel fuel." The things that make the diesel fuel bad generally have nothing to do with the original quality of the fuel. The problems come about because of the condition of the fuel we buy and what happens to the fuel when it gets stored, sometimes at the suppliers' facilities, but most often in our own vessels.

Bio-contamination: Bacteria and fungi can grow in diesel fuel tanks causing bio-contamination appearing like a black stringy slime or sludge. This contamination can cause equipment to shut down by plugging filters. This acidic slime and sludge contamination can corrode tanks and engine parts.

Water: Water naturally condensates on the insides of the tank walls with temperature changes.


The MicroClean SC-Turbo-vacMicroClean can solve all of these problems. Our careful and proprietary approach to fuel polishing makes our customers happy! SC-Turbo-vac, our newly designed and innovative system, is the latest technology in the marketplace today. We also have conducted service on tanks as small as 25 gallons all the way up to 1,500 gallons.

  • Our tank cleaning equipment was specifically designed for the quick and efficient removal of fuel tank contaminants.
  • We're particular about the environment. We recycle 100% of the waste, including oil filters. Careful practices insure no spillage.
  • Our SC-Turbo-vac  process operates under vacuum instead of pressure to minimize the possibility of releasing fuels into the environment.
  • The fuel is pulled directly from the bottom of the tank via a flexible wand and into our unique fuel/water/contaminate centrifugal separator.
  • The separator subjects fuels to g-forces which can exceed 150 times the force of gravity,filter motion forcing water and particulate contamination out of the fuel prior to flowing through our five micron absolute filter. At this point the fuel flows into the fuel pump that is rated at 1425 gallons per hour and powered by a 2 HP explosion-proof rated electric motor.
  • The fuel is then returned to the fuel tank to complete the circulation process.
  • The fuel is normally circulated through the process a minimum of 6 to 8 times the volume of fuel in the tank.

ASTM Fuel & Oil Testing

Clients who are not sure they need to replace or clean their fuel because of costs or age of fuel. This is a good time to lab test the oil. Our services and testing expertise is to ASTM, MIL and numerous other industry standards. You get results by email in 72 hours.

Fuel samples are taken on site. Depending on the extent of the required information, samples are forwarded to our laboratory, FOI Laboratories  for analysis. Results are available within a 72 hour turn-around.

(The University of Idaho conducted tests on the life expectancy of fuels to determine the time line on degradation of stored #2 diesel fuel. The results indicated 26% degradation after 28 days of storage.)

It's a good idea to perform routine testing to determine whether to clean the fuel. All stored fuel should be tested annually at a minimum. Basic tests should be run 6 months thereafter.

Mobile Tank Cleaning/Extraction and Evacuation

MicroClean is a proven expert in the commercial and marine tank cleaning market. We’re knowledgeable and compliant on all health and safety issues. We have the necessary equipment and established procedures to provide excellent service to new and existing customers. Our on-site recycling capability for your diesel fuel allows for product value recovery.

Our SC-Turbo-vac process operates under vacuum instead of pressure to minimize the possibility of releasing fuels into the environment. Contaminants and residual fuels are pulled directly from the bottom of the tank via a flexible wand and into our unique fuel/water/contaminate centrifugal separator.

Our service ranges from 25 gallon fuel tanks through up to 1500 gallon tanks. Void, bilge, compartment, and tank cleaning services are available if required. We have a 8-year history of continual operations.  We have a 8-year history of on-the-dock transfer of in excess of 100s of thousands of gallons of fuel without one incident or environmental release or impairment.

Microclean provides a unique extraction and evacuation process. Not only do we extract the contents of your fuel tank, we also vacuum clean the tank to extract every remaining drop of water. This is accomplished thru a two step process that I have developed and is totally exclusive service that only Microclean can provide.