Mobile Tank Cleaning/Extraction and Evacuation

MicroClean is a proven expert in the commercial and marine tank cleaning market. We’re knowledgeable and compliant on all health and safety issues. We have the necessary equipment and established procedures to provide excellent service to new and existing customers. Our on-site recycling capability for your diesel fuel allows for product value recovery.

Our SC-Turbo-vac process operates under vacuum instead of pressure to minimize the possibility of releasing fuels into the environment. Contaminants and residual fuels are pulled directly from the bottom of the tank via a flexible wand and into our unique fuel/water/contaminate centrifugal separator.

Our service ranges from 25 gallon fuel tanks through up to 1500 gallon tanks. Void, bilge, compartment, and tank cleaning services are available if required. We have a 8-year history of continual operations.  We have a 8-year history of on-the-dock transfer of in excess of 100s of thousands of gallons of fuel without one incident or environmental release or impairment.

Microclean provides a unique extraction and evacuation process. Not only do we extract the contents of your fuel tank, we also vacuum clean the tank to extract every remaining drop of water. This is accomplished thru a two step process that I have developed and is totally exclusive service that only Microclean can provide.